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Now that I’m in business for myself full-time, I decided to have my logo redesigned and order new business cards. The designer, Jackson Sparks, did an excellent job with the logo, and seemed to “get” my vision of one of my robots crawling over a hill. I’ve collaborated with him on projects in the past, so it’s good to have someone that is sort of on the same page creatively.


I think this will look great on business cards, featuring the horizontal version of the image above. Naturally, the logo and text on the card went through a few revisions, as seen in the gallery sequence below. It was exciting to see things come together, and I’m really pleased with what we eventually came up with.

As for the contents of the card, there’s always a debate on what I should call myself. I have an engineering degree, but putting “engineer” on a card without a “PE” registration isn’t always considered proper. I thought about putting EIT, since I passed the FE exam, or even “BSME” since I have a degree in mechanical engineering.

In the end, “Owner, Writer, Designer” seemed sufficient, and people can judge me by my work. Most of the cards I flipped through just had people’s names with their titles in their respective companies. If you would like to see what I do, examples what I have built can be found here, or my writing portfolio is on this page.

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  1. TechGazette says:

    Really excellent. Precisely what I have been looking
    around for!

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