New Customers for May and June

Although I’m always happy with my recurring customers, I’m excited to announce a few new clients this month. Tindie and are my newest writing clients, and both appear that they will be excellent jobs. The format for both will involve short articles either summarizing a project or another endeavor relating to their respective sites.


Robtics Trends is another site I started writing for in May. The articles I’ve written for them so far tend to be a bit more in-depth, and I’ve been enjoying learning more and writing about this subject. My articles there will include comparing today’s robotics to those of many years ago, profiles of those making robots themselves, and other subjects as they arise. Pictured above is GE’s walking truck, created in the 1960s, and featured in my “Evolution of Quadruped Robots” article.

Finally, I’m continuing to work on jobs for existing customers, most of who are featured in my writing portfolio. As always, I’ve got several continuing “physical” projects either in my head or in the process of being built. Some of these are paid projects where a company will contract me to build something, and in the case of my current commissioned jobs, write up how to make it. Though some of these projects are already done, hopefully I can report on them as published articles soon!

As always, if I can help you with anything, or if you just want to say “hello,” be sure to get in touch here.

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