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A family member recently had to fill something out where it asked my profession. She put down writer/engineer, which is pretty accurate, though it got me thinking about what I tell people my job is. In the beginning of working for myself I really struggled to tell people what I did, as a simple description—e.g. writer, fireman, cashier—doesn’t really encompass it. Since this site is all about what I do, here are a few options that I could call myself.

  1. Writer: Probably the most accurate description of what I do, since a very large portion of my income is based on the words coming out…of my fingers. On the other hand, it’s not that I’m a good writer that allows me to be successful, it’s that I’m a good writer compared to most engineers.
  2. Engineer: A significant, though smaller portion of my business comes from making stuff for people. I really enjoy this part of the job, but currently it wouldn’t be sufficient to support myself. As seen in the photo above, sometimes my writing involves making an item to write about, in that case it was a demonstration device to show how flex bits work.
  3. Photographer: Much of my writing wouldn’t be complete without the photos that accompany it. I’ve taken many photos that have been published on websites and in some cases magazines, and continue to learn and refine my techniques.
  4. YouTuber: I have a relatively small (though large compared to some I suppose) YouTube following. Direct income from this is quite small, though I suspect it helps with #1 and #2, and potentially could grow to a more significant enterprise.
  5. Inventor: This might be accurate, since I do come up with strange and new machines (like this panning GoPro fixture), but I always think of an inventor as someone who comes up with brand new devices with the idea of selling it to the public.
  6. Freelancer: I almost never refer to myself as this. It’s not like I’m selling photos of Spiderman to the Daily Bugle.
  7. Consultant: Quite vague, but my business is Jeremy Cook Consulting LLC, so I’ll add this.
  8. Small Business Owner: Accurate, but not very descriptive. For some reason I get the feeling that this might imply someone who owns a small toy store or burger joint on Main Street somewhere.


Hopefully that answers the question:


If you are looking for someone to help with a certain writing, engineering, photography, video, or invention problem, please contact me via any of the methods below:

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