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You may or may not know that I have a Jeremy Cook’s Projects YouTube channel where I highlight some of my projects. Interestingly, when I started posting videos there, it was very much to host things for my website, and many of them don’t really make sense on their own.

More recently, I’ve been focusing on YouTube as its own entity and trying to put more focus into production. I hope this shows in my latest video about building a suction box for dust collection:

After some help with the logo (It should look familiar) and a little advice on format, I’m going to focus on doing things consistently. This will likely take the form of of an introduction, a middle where I build whatever the device is, and an end, where I actually use it.

I’m still learning about production, but, as seen in the video below, things have certainly improved from where I started, both quality and editing-wise. That was a neat camera remote trigger device, but the video quality is pretty bad, and there is no context. On the other hand, it took much less work editing!

If you enjoy my projects I’d definitely encourage you to check out my channel linked above, and even subscribe if you like what you see. And of course, if you need something interesting built, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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