Custom Builds on Realtor Magazine


I was happy to be contacted a few months ago by a content marketing company to do DIY projects for them as part of an ebay content campaign. Through this, I’ve been able to publish several articles on Realty Magazine’s website under the theme of things you can “Buy or DIY.” Hopefully this will become a recurring series, where I “argue” with a “buy advocate” and represent the DIY side of things. It’s certainly an honor to be considered an expert on the subject, and hopefully I can do a good job of representing this side of things.

home_plant-9Along with the main article linked above, I wrote several detailed howto pieces, including:

I have a few more articles like this in the works, involving some really cool and unique DIY projects. I’m looking forward to sharing them, but can’t yet, so be sure to follow on Twitter for the latest updates (like what project I’m working on in the image above)!

If you’ve got a unique DIY project that I could help you with, don’t hesitate to contact me through any of the methods here!

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